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Datonis AppCenter Documentation

Getting started with Datonis AppCenter

Datonis AppCenter is collection of all the applications. This is the centralized place to maintain the life cycle of all the applications configured. Datonis App Center allows you to:

  • Single sign on for all the applications user is entitled to.
  • Collection of applications from AppCenter.
  • Configure Roles and Abilities by Admin Portal.
  • Apps Analytics
  • Data as a service.

Single sign on for all the applications user is entitled with

Datonis AppCenter is the centralized portal to get into all the applications. To do so:

  • Go to www.datonis.io and sign up. The platform will ask for a valid e-mail id and password.
  • An email with a confirmation link will be mailed to your e-mail id. Click on the link, fill in your details and you should successfully log in.
  • Applications will be enabled to your account by Datonis AppCenter Admin.
  • Appcenter in the centralized container to maintain the lifecycle of all the applications

Collection of applications from AppCenter

You can now view all your applications under one single container:

  • AppCenter will show all the applications/connectors you are entitled with in one unified screen.
  • User does not need to click on different application urls and maintain their views to look for the data across all the applications. This gives a single user interface to access different applications under one container.
  • Currently there are three applications which are contained in the Appcenter. They are : factory, analytics and admin
  • Factory application allows the user to get the insight about the factory level data. This could be production data as well as condition based monitoring data for your machine (workcenter)
  • Admin application will allow the user to configure the roles and users associated with it. It will also allow the user to associate the abilities one can have with it.(Role Based Access). Admin applications allows the administrator user to configure role based access to the abilities it can work up for the specified users in the account. The application does not maintain separate user creation mechanism. Admin application looks upon to the Datonis for the user management.
  • Apps Analytics is the application which is used for configuring and viewing the analytics data for the configured apps. Currently it will be connected with Microsoft Power BI tool. This will show the factory data currently which is integrated and represented in Power BI as an analytics tool.

Configure Roles and Abilities by Admin Portal

Admin portal will allow user to configure role based access control. This will give him the facility to maintain his users and their abilities.

  • Admin Portal will be visible to only Datonis Admin users. These are the users belonging to .
  • Building the abilities one can configure for his users and associate a role.
  • Admin application allows the users to create groups and add the Datonis user to it. The Admin application will be available only for the Datonis Account Admin. For the users which are not belonging to this role this application will not be visible.
  • Admin User can land into appcenter and then he will allowed to get into Admin application. Following are the actions he can performs:
  • Admin user can create a group he wants to create. Typically this group will be grouping of users and the actions they can perform on certain objects.
  • He can add the group by clicking on the link of Create Group. One can specify the Group Name and Description and the Application in which this group belongs.
  • After creating the group one can add the users belonging to this group, by clicking on the Users tab and then clicking on the Add Group Users to it. These users will be same as Datonis users belonging to that account
  • After adding the users to the group one can abilities to the group. This can be done by clicking on Abilities and by clicking on Add Permissions. The abilities are currently of two categories. They can be General Abilities where in it involves the actions related to master data like Plat, Department,Cell. The General Ability section contains the resources from Master Data --> Organization data as well as Production Data User can add the actions such as ALL,READ,CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE. Based on the actions given the users belonging to that group will be allowed to perform with that ability. There is also a notion of implied permissions. For e.g., if a user can create a plant object inherently he can read/view the plant as well. In this release of Admin version the abilities are not supported at a component level, which means if a group is having a read permission to the Plant object, this is going to be applied to all the plants in the given account. After adding the General Abilities one can also add the Report related abilities. Here one can decide to which reports group can get an access through. By default the reports will have the Default level permission. The Default permission level is to allow the user to see the particular report.

Data as a service

The Datonis Appenter Application API is a fully RESTful JSON based API that can be used to interact with the different applications. The API can be used for the following purposes.

  • As a command line interface (CLI) instead of using the Appcenter UI.
  • Building custom web and mobile applications for your requirements.
  • Create configuration/ master data for the custom application one can build on the top of appcenter.
  • One can exchange the configuration data between two systems. This culd be also worked upon as the production data or CBM data
  • Integrating your production data with other software systems

We are currently at version 1 of the API.