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Getting started with Datonis Business Intelligence

Datonis BI is a web based business intelligence tool. It provides an easy-to-use interface for exploring and visualizing data. It provides a rich set of data visualization components and the ability to build custom dashboards for your data. Datonis BI has been built on top of Apache Superset, an open-source enterprise-ready business intelligence web application. Superset users will find the interface very familiar.  Any differences will be called out in this documentation. 

To help plant users get started quickly, Datonis BI comes pre-built with data models that are a part of the Datonis MINT. If you are an existing Datonis MINT user with a subscription to Datonis BI, please refer to the MINT data model documentation to understand the data model.

Datonis Business Intelligence is been structured in the following main modules.

  • Data Model - This has information regarding the table structure and entity-relationship diagrams.

Learn more about the data model

  • Dashboard Builder- A user manual to help the user create his/her own custom dashboards

Learn more about creating custom dashboards