Datonis Edge 4.5 Release Notes

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Build 4.5.311

  • Instruction execution as Gateway Notification Action support
  • Modbus endian flag bug fix
  • Service and Adapter property description in the UI
  • Sync Now support in EdgeRuleService
  • Auto tag name generation logic improvement
  • Derived tag expression syntax change (much simpler syntax)
  • Tag aggregation support
  • OPC UA node is_writable support
  • Generate instruction-json button support
  • Improved advanced configuration validation logic
  • Logout feature
  • Template rendering support in Gateway Notification Actions
  • Changed minimum start-up memory requirement to 64 MB

Build 4.5.234

  • Configuration of adapters via CSV (basic configuration via CSV) and advanced configuration via JSON
  • Rule execution at gateway with Rule UI
  • Notifications are generated at cloud (except HTTP url notification which can be triggered locally)
  • CSV simulator adapter to mock thing metric data
  • Adapter instruction config support i.e. write OPC UA tag values and Modbus registers via Datonis instruction
  • Re-branding to Datonis Edge
  • OPC UA secure communication fix
  • OPC DA enhancements
  • Improved logging