Datonis Edge 4.6 Release Notes

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  • Auto upgrade support from 4.5 builds, this helps easily migrate existing configurations to newer builds without breaking backward compatibility)
  • Edge Gateway registration support, backup and restore of configuration changes from Datonis platform
  • New Activity anchor that replaces existing Rules anchor on Console (it shows registered things, metric mappings, last event, last alert, ML models (beta))
  • New XML adapter with directory monitoring support
  • Improved CSV adapter with directory monitoring support
  • Powerful JavaScript based expression evaluation support as part of Adapter derived tags (Older JEXL is still supported)
  • Custom event date time mapping (datetime_tag_id) to any of the existing tags
  • New orange status showing authentication failure
  • Build version at lower bottom
  • Adapter config monitor tag id and scan tag id related fixes
  • MQTT topic store changes
  • New rule state changes
  • Making OPC tree browsing optional
  • Bug fixes
    • New flag - notified_at_edge
    • Issues related to large size databases
    • OPC DA adapter data conversion issue fix
    • Edge service start issue on low memory systems