Datonis Edge 5.1 Release Notes

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  • Added two new Javascript adapters. These adapters now eliminate the need of writing custom adapter/plugins for most common use cases like data pulling from REST API server or listening to MQTT broker messages. These adapters allow make use of third party java libs if required by scripts. Script Pull Adapter - It allows writing scripts for sampling/polling use cases. Typical example would be polling data from REST API server or SQL/NOSQL database tables. Out of box script shows an example to read data from public HTTP server periodically. Script Push Adapter - It allows writing scripts for listening/select use cases. Typical example would be to listen changes for published messages by MQTT broker or AMQP server. Out of box script provides an example to subscribe topics of a public MQTT broker.
  • Published Dev environment setup needed to create custom adapters Now Datonis Edge publishes a Dev environment zip file that gives custom adapter developers a head start to write first class Pull and Push based Adapters. The Dev environment setup includes fully working Maven based projects to create OSGi plugins compatible with Datonis Edge. The Dev workspace can launch in-progress Edge adapters within Eclipse IDE itself. It includes 4 sample projects that shows how to develop first class adapters covering all use cases like tag read, tag discovery, tag write etc. It also provides support to build .dp (deployment package) via Maven that can be installed on target Datonis Edge via web console.