Datonis Edge 5.3 Release Notes

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Ethernet/IP Adapter

A new PLC adapter has been introduced that talks to (Rockwell Automation) Allen Bradly Logix series controllers. This adapter communicates over Ethernet and requires Ethernet Communication Module. Addition of this adapter should eliminate the need of dedicated OPC server. The adapter supports read, write and tag discovery features that are at par with OPC UA adapter.


Another PLC adapter that talks to Siemens S7 series controllers has been introduced. The adapter communication requires Ethernet Communication Module. Again, this adapter will remove dependency on OPC server. It supports read and write tag features. The adapter features are at par with Modbus adapter.

Improved OPC DA Adapter

The improved OPC DA adapter is more robust, scalable and handles OPC connectivity issues in better fashion. Its design model has been changed from Push to Pull, making it predictable and better configurable.

Faster Modbus Adapter

A single threaded Modbus TCP adapter is now replaced with multi-threaded Modbus adapter. This will help reading data from multiple Modbus sources concurrently without getting impacted from individual source's performance.

Auto Scalable Pull Adapters

This feature auto determines the best configuration param values for thread-pool considering machine capability.

Key Value Store for managing Adapter State

A persistent KV store has been introduced to store adapter state like last sent or last scanned values. This will help sending consistent event data across machine or process restarts and removes discrepancies arising due to volatile in memory state. This KV store is also available as part of adapter interfaces to meet local state storage requirements.

Syntax Validation and IntelliSense Support for JavaScript Widgets

An in-built JavaScript IDE has been added for JavaScript controls like Script Adapter inputs or Derived tags. It quickly validates the syntax of scripts, also provides better suggestions and frequently used code snippets.

Build Updates

5.3.629 - Moved WebConsole inside Settings panel, Renamed default thing name to Sample Injection Molding Machine, CSV and XML adapter checkpoint changes, OPC DA configuration upgrade issue

5.3.633 - Added jre 9, 10+ support, Fixed install/upgrade process hang issue, Fixed scan abort in case of device connectivity failure issue, Fixed web console not refresh after config apply issue, Fixed persistent kvstore and map clean-up issue

5.3.639 - Added MQTT username password authentication, set TLS 1.2 by default.

5.3.647 - Added support for arbitrary JSON objects in HTTP Adapter, Added scan alert interval configuration feature and smart snooze logic, Fixed CSV Adapter column name mismatch issue, Improved cloud connectivity status update logic

5.3.649 - Added connect-timeout and socket-timeout properties for HTTP Transport

5.3.652 - Handled corrupt KVStore open error case during adapter start-up, Improved CSV adapter checkpoint and core adapter state persistence logic, Fixed issue to show adapter validation errors in UI, Improved Test Configuration message format and added alerts

5.3.656 - Added generated and acknowledged events, alerts to Activity page, Added Publish scan, data and alert message to other adapters/receivers feature, Added receiver_val context var in Push Script adapter to listen other adapter scan or data messages

5.3.658 - Made Activity panel default after landing, Minor column order changes to Registered Things table

5.3.669 - Added MicroLogix 1100/1400 and PLC-5 support via PCCC protocol in the EtherNet/IP adapter, Fixed multiple config snapshot generation issue

5.3.672 - (30_Jul_2018) Introduced Publish Mode (publish_mode) in Thing Config, Added prev_scanned and other suffixes in scan publish message,