Datonis Edge 5.7 Release Notes

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JDK 11 Support

Added full support for OpenJDK and OracleJDK 11.0.2+. Debug mode and windows service mode working fine with JDK 11.

Other Enhancements

  • Handled license expiry cases where Edge will retry after after 3 hours to test license renewal
  • MQTT Adapter - added support for external broker like Mosquito in case integrated broker does not work
  • MQTT Adapter - enhanced MQTT broker default configuration,new config blocks messages in case of high load
  • Added Nashorn JS script evaluation leak detection at various places

Build Updates

5.7.803 - 22_Mar_2019 - Initial 5.7 Release

5.7.807 - 25_Mar_2019 - Auto jvm dll detection fix for JDK 11

5.7.809 - 02_Apr_2019 - Fixed MQTT broker message history limit

5.7.811 - 09_Apr_2019 - Masked passwords from Adapter Basic Configuration screens

5.7.813 - 12_Apr_2019 - OPC DA Adapter multiple thing and server disconnect issue fixes

5.7.815 - 15_Apr_2019 - Added complex expression support to Datonis Edge rules

5.7.817 - 09_May_2019 - Fixed Cloud Services intermittent disappearance issue