Datonis Edge 5.8 Release Notes

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Inter Edge Communication

Now Edge can transmit scan events, alerts and other Datonis entities (that eventually streamed to/fetched from Datonis) to another Edge over MQTT as well as HTTP. Edge virtually implements all data ingestion, instruction subscription and Thing data APIs to establish a bidirectional tunnel between another Edge. With this feature, Edge can act as a client as well as receiver and forwarder. The receiver Edge can again transmit data to another Edge or Datonis, theoretically inter Edge link can be as long as possible.

The inter Edge communication happens over Secure MQTT and Secure HTTP channels that uses Edge's self signed certificate (certificate is configurable). The client Edge buffers and re-transmits data in case receiver Edge or its communication link is down.

The downstream APIs like Sync Things, Sync Rules have also been tunneled to enhance the client Edge configuration experience. The MQTT acknowledgment mechanism is similar to Datonis where first class Ack message is published.

Configuring Edge in Receiver/Server mode

  1. Enable HTTP Adapter and configure same Things as of Sender Edge. Configuration of Things is optional if Client Edge's Data Transport mode is MQTT. HTTP Adapter still serves all downstream APIs like Sync Things so it must be enabled.
  2. Enable MQTT Adapter and configure same Things as of Sender Edge. Enabling and configuration of Adapter is optional if Client Edge's Data Transport mode is HTTP.
  3. While configuring HTTP Adapter Things, put Connection -> Url Type as Datonis_Scan or Datonis_Event depending on which data to be accepted. The Read Tags -> Field value should be tags.tag_name or data.metric_name for Datonis_Scan and Datonis_Event resp.
  4. While configuring MQTT Adapter Things, put Connection -> Topic Type as Datonis_Scan or Datonis_Event depending on which data to be accepted. The Read Tags -> Message Parsing Script value should be message_val.tags.tag_name or message_val.data.metric_name for Datonis_Scan and Datonis_Event resp.

Configuring Edge in Sender/Client mode

  1. Navigate to Cloud Services -> EdgeCloudService, configure same Access and Secret key to match the Server Edge in order to receive instructions.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> SSL Configuration, disable Host Name verification to properly trust server Edge's self-signed certificate.
  3. Navigate to Cloud Services -> MqttDataTransport, configure broker-url to server Edge MQTT Url e.g. mqtts:// Remove username and password values.
  4. Navigate to Cloud Services -> HttpDataTransport, configure server-url to server Edge HTTP Url e.g.
  5. Enable and configure the desired adapter e.g. OPC DA/PROFINET and configure its Settings -> Publish Mode to one of External modes i.e. Scan External, Event Scan External. This will tell Cloud Services to publish scan and event data externally to another Edge.

Other Enhancements

Improved MQTT Data Transport connectivity in high load environment

Build Updates

5.8.848 - 19_Jun_2019 - Initial 5.8 Release

5.8.854 - 25_Jun_2019 - HTTP Transport fix to ping server, HTTP Adapter - custom message parsing support, multiple custom message handlers for same url support

5.8.888 - 9_Sep_2019 - Added latest data forwarding mechanism while de-prioritizing stale data, Added batch persist support for all kind of messages, Added multiple Windows Service install support, Improved MQTT Adapter performance, Introduced CUSTOM_JSON as new topic type to parse JSON messages natively, Added clean session flag to MQTT Adapter, Made Nashorn leak detection optional

6.8.892 - 20_Sep_2019 - EtherNet/IP Adapter fixes - Handled multiple things and fixed disconnect client code, Added timer and counter tags to discovery