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Edge++ Configuration on Datonis Edge:

Edge++ Service:

Edge++ Service offers support of Redis Data-store which is used for exchanging data between Edge and the Faas Framework. Edge++ Service lets us configure the settings related to the Redis store.


  • This flag is true if the events in the output-queue are to be transmitted to Datonis.
  • Make this flag false if the data should not be transmitted to Datonis.

Edge++ Service.png


Once the access-key and secret-key are configured, set Enable Edge++ Setup flag to true. This will update the Datonis access-key in the Redis Store on save.

This will be used by the Rails framework to set up its components.

Enable-edge++ 1.png

Thing Settings:

In Settings Tab for in any adapter configuration of a particular Thing, you can find the following Edge++ related settings.

  1. Publish Mode - Send/scan Edge++: Sends the events (scan/send data, instruction, alerts) to the Redis input queue, and the FaasFunction will process and push the processed event into the Output queue.
  2. Sync Edge++ Functions: This button populates the Data Process Function and the Instruction Process Function dropdown which are configured on the rails framework.
  3. Data Process Function: Select the function which you want to use to process the thing’s data event.
  4. Instruction Process Function: Select the function which you want to use to process the thing’s instruction event. You can select “--Not-Selected--” option which does not send instruction event to Redis.

Screen for Sync Edge++ Functions

Sync Edge++.png

Screen for Thing Specific Edge++ Settings

Edge++ settings 1.png

JSON Structures:

JSON formats used for pushing data into Redis output-queue.

Data JSON:

  • data: should be a map of metrics (Configured on Datonis)  <String, value> You can add new Datonis metrics not defined on Edge.
  • data_faas_function : Helper faas function name for Edge++.
  • instruction_faas_function : Helper faas function name for Edge++
  • type : “data”

Instruction JSON:

You can insert instructions in the output queue using this format.


Alert JSON: