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Script Adapter Fields

Connect JS Script String Script to be executed to connect to target device and set up listener. Script Tags can be used to do various jobs like sending (sender_val), receiving (receiver_val), alerting (alerter_val), logging (logger_val), publishing instruction to other adapters (writer_val), scheduling operations (executor_val).

Context var persistent_val and transient_val are also available.

Disconnect JS Script String Script to be executed to disconnect to target device and clean up listener. Context var 'connection_val' holds return value of Connect JS script's return value. Context var 'executor_val', 'transient_val', 'presistent_val', 'kvstore_val' and 'logger_val' are available.
Write Connection JS Script String Script to be executed while executing instruction. Context var 'instruction_val' is set to instruction json values. Context var 'transient_val', 'presistent_val', 'kvstore_val' and 'logger_val' are available.
Additional Java library URLs String URL paths of additional Java libraries (.jar) required by this connection and associated read/write tag scripts. All library URL paths must be comma seperated. e.g. file:/c:/mongo-driver/mongo-java-driver-3.6.2.jar, file:/c:/mongo-driver/snappy-java-1.1.4.jar
Tag JS Script String Script to be executed during each to retrieve Tag value. Context var 'scan_val' holds received value of current scan. In case of write tag, context var 'tag_val' holds tag value set by instruction and 'connection_val' holds return value of write connection script. Context var 'transient_val', 'presistent_val', 'kvstore_val' and 'logger_val' are available.

Script Tags

executor_val Is available for firing async tasks. Ex. This can be used to schedule at intervals etc.
sender_val Sends value which is available in the scan_val for the tags. Example - sender_val.send()

Usage - send(Object scanValue)

transient_val In memory map and can be used across connect/disconnect and through different adapters.

Usage - transient_val.put(Object value)

persistent_val In memory file storage map which can be used across restart of Edge.

Usage - persistent_val.put(Object value)

kvstore_val Can be used to create custom persistent maps.
logger_val Used for logging. Example -
reciever_val Receive values from other adapters which have send/scan internal set in their settings. Example - reciever_val.register()

Usage - register(String adapterId, String messageType, Consumer<String> consumer)

Pass consumer by implementing method 'accept' which consumes the received message.

writer_val This variable is used for publishing instruction to other sources (adapters). Example - writer_val.write()

Usage - write(String adapterId, String thingKey, String instructionJson)

alerter_val This variable is used to generate alerts. Usage - alerter_val.alert()

Usage - alert(String alertType, String message, String dataJson)


scan_val This variable contains the value of the sent value which was sent using sender_val.send
tag_val This variable contains the value of the write tag that is to be set by the instruction received by Edge.
connection_val This holds the return value of the Write Connection JS script.


Script Adapter (Push) is like writing a custom adapter with custom logic. Flexibility is given to do anything in the Script Adapter (Push). The Connect JS Script is executed when the Adapter is enabled. Functionality to send the data to datonis, receive values from other sources/adapters, generating alerts, publishing instructions to other sources, firing async tasks is provided using the above Script variables available in the script. If an instruction is executed from datonis then the Write Connection JS Script is executed and the return value is stored in connection_val and the value of the instruction tag is present in the tag_val. When the adapter is disabled, the Disconnect Js Script is executed and a variable - connection_val is available in this script which contains the return value of the Connect JS Script. logger_val and transient_val, persistent_val maps are available in all the scripts.