Datonis Edge 4.0 Release Notes

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Build 4.0.160

  • Data service and transport service fixes

Build 4.0.118

  • Multi threaded scanning support
  • Less verbose Info level logs
  • Valid default configJson
  • Http client thread spawn issue fix
  • Device profile console error fix

Build 4.0.95

  • Test configJson and Repeat Test feature
  • Modbus register address fix
  • Linux emulator USB support
  • configJson scan_tag_ids feature to allow specific tags to be sent during scan
  • Jexl script support

Build 4.0.81

  • OPC UA, OPC DA and Modbus adapter fixes
  • Experimental Test configJson feature

Build 4.0.53

  • Launch of new Edge Gateway, As this is the first build of new Gateway, this needs to tested thoroughly before production deployment