Datonis Edge 5.5 Release Notes

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Slot Tag Feature

Now Edge will be able to generate Slot events. Slot event is an event containing start and end time of a slot based on start and end conditions. With this feature Edge will be able to generate slots based on custom conditions e.g. machine.status is set 1 or temperature between 50 and 70 or process cycle start and end slot.

Improved Sync Things

Sync Things option is now faster. Additionally, it can detect configuration mismatch errors like metric name/data type change at Datonis and warn users to correct potential configuration errors.

Sync Tags generates CSV

Sync Tags option now generates a CSV file of all source tags in the log directory to manipulate these tag names in Excel.

Improved Activity Page

The landing Activity page now contains last sent, acknowledged events and alerts and last transmit errors. This virtually removes the need to dig into log files for error conditions.

Improved Datonis Connectivity

An intermittent connectivity failure in case of high load environment is now fixed.

Build Updates

5.5.693 - 16_Aug_2018 - Initial 5.5 release

5.5.700 - 23_Aug_2018 - EtherNet/IP adapter write instruction fixes, UI drop-down items' index increment changes

5.5.712 - 19_Sep_2018 - Modbus RTU support on linux, OPC UA authentication support, OPC DA browsing logic fixes.

5.5.717 - 12_Oct_2018 - Fixed Windows service install issue with JRE 10 (data area too small error), Fixed Script Adapter issue of not sharing common class loader across connections, Fixed read tag console UI ordering issue

5.5.719 - 18_Oct_2018 - Fixed Edge rule state transitions for windowed rules, Fixed rule notification sync issue

5.5.727 - 29_Oct_2018 - Fixed EtherNet/IP adapter issues - Added support for nested and indexed tag names, Improved tag discovery, Added support for batch reading of CIP tags

5.5.734 - 16_Nov_2018 - Fixed bulk transport message to contain single thing events, Improved Modbus RTU support, Improved scan error handling of OPC UA, OPC DA and EtherNet/IP adapters, Added new verify-server-cert setting in HttpDataTransport

5.5.739 - 26_Nov_2018 - Improved PROFINET adapter error handling, Added global adapter fields on suffix config UI

5.5.744 - 30_Nov_2018 - Added local instruction publish API, Improved thing state writing logic, Added new EdgeDataService setting - transmit.bulk-split-by-thing