Datonis Edge 5.6 Release Notes

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MQTT Adapter

A full-fledged MQTT broker has been added as part of the new MQTT Adapter. The Adapter starts the MQTT broker that listens on default secure (8883) and non secure (1883) port. The broker supports optional user name and password authentication. The Adapter can be configured to subscribe various topics of the integrated broker. The tags can be mapped to one or more subscribed topics. Optional javascript to parse the received messages is available as part of the connection and tag configuration. There is write back support that allows to publish messages on the broker as well.

Push Script Adapter Enhancements

Added 'alerter_val' context variable to send alerts to Datonis. Added 'writer_val' to send instructions locally to other adapter, it helps to achieve use cases like sending heartbeats to PLC/HMI or publishing messages on MQTT broker. Added new 'error(string, error)' method to 'sender_val' context variable that helps reporting Push Script adapter errors as Datonis alerts, it will help during test and production phase of the script.

Utility JavaScript Function Scripts

Utility JavaScript functions can now be written and can be used in any other JavaScript expressions/scripts e.g. Derived Tags, Slot Tags, Global Suffixes, Monitor Expressions, Push/Pull Script Adapter, MQTT Adapter Scripts. These functions can be scoped to a Thing Configuration or can be scoped globally. The Thing Configuration scoped functions needs to be written in the Settings Tab while global scoped functions needs to be written in Global Settings tab. It is advised to write state less functions in the Utility Scripts and not to declare any global variables. Its also important to cautiously use globally scopes scripts as it will be imported in all the scripts of the adapter potentially affecting run-time Gateway memory and performance.

Build Updates

5.6.767 - 14_Dec_2018 - Initial 5.6 Release

5.6.769 - 18_Dec_2018 - Fixed MQTT adapter broker authentication mechanism, Fixed QoS 1, 2 publish support for MQTT adapter, Added thread pool size properties to MQTT broker

5.6.773 - 21_Dec_2018 - Handled NaN and Infinity values to ignore them instead of generating invalid event, Improved error handling and concurrency handling of PROFINET adapter

5.6.784 - 08_Feb_2019 - Modbus adapter timeout fix, MQTT adapter topic documentation changes, Push adapter stop/start sequence fix