Datonis Edge 5.9 Release Notes

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Edge Tunnelling Feature

Edge Tunnelling feature will allow you to access your Edge Gateway from anywhere through internet on the following URL:


Configuring Edge Tunneling
  1. You can enable/disable Edge-tunneling from EdgeCloudService in Cloud Service.
  2. Gateway Key must be correctly configured as per the provided Access-Secret-key pair, otherwise tunnelling will not start.
  3. The Edge-Tunnel URL or its status can be seen in the Status tab of Edge.
  4. Loading of the URL for the first time might take some time.
  5. Also while switching between tabs in Edge (like from one adapter to another or Cloud Services ) , might take some time/reload.
  6. Once any window/Adapter is loaded, the configuration can be done seamlessly.
  7. A button which will redirect to the Edge-tunnel is added in the Datonis' Gateways Window - https://www.datonis.io/gateway2

Other Enhancements

Added Encyption for OPC DA and OPC UA password fields in the Adapter connection forms.

Fixed Monitor Updates feature for File based Adapters - CSV Adapter, XML Adapter.

Build Updates

5.9.916 - 27_Feb_2020 - Initial 5.9 Release

5.9.923 - 9_Mar_2020 - Added encryption for OPC DA password fields

5.9.927 - 18_Mar_2020 - Added encryption for all values of fields which have passwords. (includes auth-password for OPC UA)

5.9.938 - 27_Mar_2020 - File Based Adapters fix - Handled multiple thing monitoring of files for Monitor Updates feature.