Datonis Edge 6.0 Release Notes

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Edge++ Service

  • Edge++ allows building graphical dashboards and complex business-logic implementation on the Edge.
  • To achieve this, Edge++ service uses Redis datastore to send and receive data, alerts and instruction messages between Edge and the locally hosted FaaS Framework (which is a common component used by MInt as well).
  • Configuration: Cloud Services -> Edge++ Service.
  • Note: Requires Faas Setup [INTERNAL]

Forwarder Service

  • Forwarder Engine allows easy on-boarding of customer’s hand-held devices (tablets) on the shop floor. These devices simply need to access local Edge instance, in order to access Datonis and MInt. This requires no additional changes in the customer's network/IT security settings or new IT infra components; eliminating procurement costs, involvement of IT / purchase teams and any subsequent delays.
  • To achieve this, Datonis Edge acts as a strict proxy server which only allows traffic to and from *.datonis.io domain.
  • Configuration: Cloud Services -> EdgeForwarderService.
  • Prerequisite: Docker engine on Host machine.
  • Note: Not supported for Docker distribution of Datonis Edge.

Create/Delete Test Adapter Instance

  • This feature enables the user to create a Test Adapter instance of every Adapter in Datonis Edge. This instance can be used to test new configurations without losing any data and without affecting ongoing data transfer to Datonis. This significantly reduces dev+test cycles required for getting machine data to Datonis.

Failover HA Alerting

  • In the Edge HA setup, the user can now know about the failures of either of the nodes in Edge HA instances via Datonis Alerts.

All Tags support for test-configuration

  • This feature allows the user to see all the computed local tag values along with tag values to be sent to Datonis. This is useful while setting up Edge configurations.


Add search for Tags and Things

  • add dropdown of tags and things and selection will change the selected TagId or Thing

Fix grid table last page button bug(UI)

  • will be able to navigate to the last page in Things, connections, readTags, writeTags and monitorTags

Feature to download all configured tags in CSV format

  • download all tags - read tags, write tags, metrics, derived tags, slot tags, derivedTagJs and slotConditionJS at Adapter level.


  • EtherNetIP Adapter: PCCC memory leak fix and CIP String Structure Read
  • OPC DA [SRF Gwalior] server restart issue fix
  • Default xmx Java heap memory increased to 1024MB


Handle duplicate instruction execution on Edge

  • Skip duplicate instruction execution with the Datonis instruction execution retry mechanism feature.

MTConnect Adapter: xPaths sync

  • Generate all xpaths from the file for the adapter sync tags

Build Updates

6.0.1008 - 28_August_2020 - Initial 6.0 Release
  • Edge++
  • Failover HA Alerting
  • Test Adapter instance
  • All Tag-values test support
  • Forwarder Engine
6.0.1013 - 14_September_2020 - Minor release
  • Script Adapter - Push: Multiple Execution fix.
6.0.1030 - 2_December_2020 - Minor release
  • Search and Select for Things and Tags
  • Grid Table last page button fix
  • Download all Edge Tags
  • EthernetIP - PCCC memory leak fix and CIP String support
  • OPC DA server restart fix
  • Java heap memory increase.
6.0.1039 - 16_March_2021 - Minor release
  • Handle duplicate instruction execution on Edge (Datonis instruction execution retry mechanism feature)
  • MTConnect Adapter: xPaths sync tags