Edge Data Service Configuration

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Use HTTP Transport

  1. True for HTTP type communication. False for MQTT type communication. (Default will be False.)

Connect Auto on Startup

  1. True for connecting automatically on edge restart or system startup. (Default will be True.)

Retry Interval

  1. Data Connect retrial interval. (In Seconds. 0 to disable)

Message Purge Age

  1. Age in seconds of completed messages (either published with QoS = 0 or confirmed with QoS > 0) after which they are deleted (minimum 5).

Message Store Capacity

  1. Maximum number of messages persisted in the Data Store. The limit does not apply to messages with the priority less than 2. These priority levels are reserved to the framework which uses it for life-cycle messages - birth and death certificates - and replies to request/response flows.

Message Store Size

  1. Maximum number of messages in the store batch size that if exceeded triggers the batch persist.

Maximum Period to Prioritize Latest Messages

  1. Max period in seconds to determine latest messages. Messages older than the max period are considered stale and will be transmitted at a lower priority. To disable this feature mark this setting as 0 (Minimum period 300 seconds).

Maximum Number of In-Flight Messages

  1. The maximum number of in-flight messages. This should not be less than 'transmit.bulk-size' value. (The number of requests to be sent at a time.)

Transmitting Messages Bulk Size

  1. Max transmit bulk size limit (minimum 1). The number of messages per request. (Suppose 5 then a maximum of 5 messages will be sent in a single request.)

Messages Bulk Splitting by Thing

  1. Split bulk data message by thing to send transport requests per thing. (Thing 1s messages will be sent in 1st request then thing 2s and so on..)

Data Disconnection Conditions

  1. In case of Disconnectivity to the internet or the destination the data will be get stored in the local data store. After connecting again to the Internet or to the destination. The old Data will be sent 1st and then the latest. We can change the priority of message sending.