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Datonis Edge Rules can be configured via Datonis Platform and will get executed by Edge Gateway,

Quick Demo

Creating Datonis Edge Rules

Datonis Edge Rules can be created in the Datonis Platform portal. While adding rules, the Evaluation Engine has to be selected as Edge Device.

The rules behave similar to Datonis Cloud rules, all type of rules are supported at Edge. More information about creating various types of Rules can be found at Creating Rules.


Configuring Gateway EdgeRuleService

EdgeRuleService from Gateway Web Console -> Cloud Services can be configured for below advanced options

  • To enable or disable Edge rule execution
  • To change the frequency of Edge rule sync interval
  • To decide where to execute rule notification actions, either at Datonis Platform or locally at Edge


Viewing Rules at Gateway

Currently active and cached rules at Edge can be accessed via Gateway Web Console -> Rules.

Active Rules

These rules are actively being applied on the event data that is being streamed from Edge. These rules will show up only when an adapter gets enabled and starts transmitting Thing metrics for which Edge rules are configured at Datonis Platform.

Cached Rules

These are all locally cached rules by the Gateway, these will get updated at EdgeRuleService sync-interval value or when Sync Now button is clicked. In case of no connectivity, locally cached rules will be applied to Thing metrics till next successful sync with Datonis Platform.