OPC DA Classic Adapter

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host String ip address or host name of the OPC server.
server_prog_id String Specify the name of the OPC Server name.


  1. Download and install jdk 1.8 Windows x86 from here
  2. It will automatically set your default jdk to the above version.
  3. Download the latest build of Edge Gateway on your machine.
  4. Download the adapter jar file and the dll file from here
  5. Paste the adapter jar file inside plugins/altizon directory of your datonis-edge directory.
  6. Create a folder named 'native' inside the root datonis-edge directory and paste the dll file in it.
  7. Inside config folder, open config.ini file in a text editor and paste ' \
    reference\:file\:$KURA_PLUGINS$/altizon/com.altizon.gateway.opcda.classic@start,' just after the comma of opcda.utgard file reference.
  8. Run bin/start_edge_debug.bat to start edge service.