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The Production Booking is the important module in the manufacturing. While booking the Production related attributes to the actual production done following are the pre-requisites in terms of the master data in Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence. They are as follows:

  • A Part needs to be added in the system. A part is a final produced item that can be dispatched to the plant’s customer. Each Part will have a unique Identifier or code associated with it. Each part will also have only one Part Routing associated with it.
  • Routing is a sequence of operations that need to be performed to manufacture a Part. For example, to manufacture a half-bearing, there could be 4 operations that may need to be performed in sequence – OP-10 to OP-40. The last operation typically completes the manufacturing process. At all intermittent operations a Part is called as SFG (Semi Finished Good) and after the last operation a Part is called as FG (Finished Good). This should have set of operations which are defining the process/steps followed while creating this part. The production routing is nothing but the steps executed in a specific sequence while creating this Part. This also captures certain important attributes like Parts per Cycle, Standard Cycle Time, Loading Time and Unloading Time.
  • Workorder is the plan created in the Planning activity to decide what is going to be the manufacturing schedule. Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence does not enforce the creation of Workorder in the Production Booking. But this is an important resource in the manufacturing.
  • The Time frame for which the machine (Workcenter) has done the production adn we want to associate through.

After creating above resources the production booking made gives the actual production tied to the Part which is produced on the machine. There are two different ways Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence handles the Production Booking.

  • Automatic Production Booking: In this case the Part code, operation code information is directly captured in the machine. This can be done through the HMI systems as well. In this case te system takes care of such automatic bookings on its own. There is no user intervention is required if the data is mapped properly.
  • Production booking done from the UI in Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence: Here the under the Actions menu the Booking option is been provided to perform the Production Booking. Production Following is the video capturing the steps to be followed while doing the Production Booking.