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Productivity- User Actions: The bookings are added under the Actions menu. The user can perform the following bookings under the productivity module:

  • Downtime Booking - The Down Time booking is the most critical part of manufacturing. Idle time may arise out of normal or abnormal situations and it is the reason that will tell whether it is a normal idle time (unavoidable idle time) or an abnormal idle time (avoidable idle time). This can be also linked to the Planned and Unplanned downtime which can be configured in the Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence. The below video illustrates the steps.
  • Production Booking - In Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence production booking can be done in 2 ways as follows:
  1. Manual Production Booking-  Here the under the Actions menu the Booking option is been provided to perform the Production Booking. Following is the video capturing the steps to be followed while doing the Production Booking.
  2. Automatic Production Booking: In this case, the Part code, the operation code information is directly captured in the machine. This can be done through the HMI systems as well.
  • Book Performance Loss - Similarly, from the production booking page one can also book ‘Performance Loss’. The user needs to select a slot and the second slot to choose a range and enter a reason for the performance loss.