Rejection Booking

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Quality may be defined as that characteristic which defines the item/part as having all the characteristics which are required for it to use and which also decide how appropriately the part is been made for its use. There are different reasons why a Part may have poor quality. Quality inspection involves inspecting each item that is produced to see if it meets the desired quality level.At majority of the times the Sampling methods are also used to do so where quality person take a sample of a certain size from a batch (sometimes called lot) of items and operate inspection tests on the sample. From the results of the sample we decide whether the batch can be accepted or rejected. While measuring the quality of the item/part the quality booking plays an important role here. The quality measures are captured by the Quality Booking done in Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence. We can perform the Quality Booking at the Shift level or at the Slot level as well. This will be decided by the configuration made at a workcenter configuration. Following are the steps followed for the Rejection Booking.