Upgrading Datonis Edge Gateway

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Edge Gateway Home > Upgrading Datonis Edge Gateway

Manual Upgrade

  1. Open old Gateway Web Console - http://localhost:8080/edge
  2. Download latest Settings Snapshot via navigating Settings -> Snapshots -> Download to have a clear text back up of all settings.
  3. Uninstall old Gateway build using bin/uninstall_edge_service.bat on Windows and bin/uninstall_edge_service.sh on Linux.
  4. Take backup of data folder of old gateway to restore in case upgrade fails.
  5. Extract new gateway build to a different folder other than old gateway installation folder.
  6. Copy old Gateway data folder at the bin folder level i.e. as child folder of datonis-edge-x.x.x folder.
  7. Install new Gateway build using bin/install_edge_service.bat on Windows and bin/install_edge_service.sh on Linux.
  8. Launch new Gateway Web Console - http://localhost:8080/edge
  9. Update SSL Configuration KeyStore Path to point to new Gateway installation folder via navigating Settings -> SSL Configuration -> Keystore path, change its value and click Apply.
  10. At this stage new Gateway must have been successfully upgraded, if you face any issue contact Altizon Support.

Auto Upgrade

Work in progress